Acura MDX – the Japanese Which is Better than the German

January 17, 2013 at 16:12

Luxury is the word that is most often found in the different references to the brand Acura. First, we and many other fans and critics see only one new car, but still this is the view which is the first, after that people turn their attention on the relief surface and optics, and in their head already appears a spinning idea that this is a good product, made with love, for people whose income and needs well above average, this is the Acura MDX car.

Acura MDX car from the back

Image of the Acura MDX car from the back

Acura Legend GS May Be Brought Back to Life

January 15, 2013 at 06:37

As we have learned from some sources, the Acura company is thinking about the brining back some of the models into the more temporary car market with the new look and new inner side. As we were able to get some comments, there is such an intention, because the Acura company finds it too expensive to develop totally new cars out of the scratch. If they would have an old car, like Acura Legend GS, the new millennium version might have appeared better than the concepts.

white Acura cars Legend GS

Image of the white Acura cars Legend GS

Chris Martin Talks About the Price of Acura NSX

January 13, 2013 at 06:10

Official representative of the Japanese company Honda Chris Martin revealed new details about the ideological “mate” of the supercar Acura NSX, which will be more expensive than the Nissan GT-R in 2013, according to the official distribution centers. And that is the topic of our today’s article.

Acura NSX concept car 2013

Image of the Acura NSX concept car 2013

Steal Versus Aluminum in the Acura Cars

January 11, 2013 at 06:22

Today we are going to talk about the material which Acura currently uses in the production of its cars. Some people will be rather surprised to hear that this well-established car maker still gives more attention to the steal instead of the aluminum. We will look at this situation from the example of the currently popular Acura RLX model.

black Acura car 2013

Image of the black Acura car 2013

Harbinger of a New Acura MDX Will Arrive to the Motor City

January 9, 2013 at 06:14

Many times our readers have heard about the new MDX Acura model, which is promised to break all the records of popularity of this brand. That is why today we will touch upon some information about this model that would be interesting for our readers. Japanese company Acura has confirmed its participation in the International Auto Show in Detroit, where the manufacturer will conduct the world premiere of the pre-production crossover MDX of the new generation. It sounds quite symbolic, as the new generation will be shown not so long from the start of the new year 2013.

black Acura MDX SUV

Picture of the black Acura MDX SUV

New American Dream from Acura

January 7, 2013 at 03:53

Since the Acura car concern is mainly focusing its production on the American market, it wants to make its position solid in the new year. That is why the production is taking now into consideration the American drivers’ desires and wants, so that the cars would be most suitable for them in the first place. After the situation in the US market will be so to say sunny and bright, the company will turn its focus on the European market, as the recourses would be more than simply available by then.

 Acura SUV 2013

Image of the Acura SUV 2013

How to Choose the Parts to Repair Your Car Acura MDX

January 5, 2013 at 05:04

Despite the fact that the car Acura MDX was born almost a century ago, some other people were able to see the cars of this company a little later, not exactly but some time around the early nineties, during the opening of the Iron Curtain. Today, spare parts for cars like Acura MDX are available from many specialized car repair stations and from the on-line catalog from different countries, including the Ukraine, Romania, going into India and other. Therefore today we will talk about the spare parts for this car.

Acura MDX 150

Image of Acura MDX 150