Acura NSX Supercar Can Be More Expensive Than Nissan GT-R

February 13, 2013 at 09:30

Honda company does not leave its great plans to release a brand new generation of super car Acura NSX, which promises to be a “technological marvel”, since we know this car has featured in the Marvell film the Avengers, the name seems to be somewhat calling for the success. Perhaps the Japanese company, particularly its luxury division, in Detroit will present another concept on the same topic, but mentioned that the serial NS X will for sure get more famous than the Nissan GT-R.

concept car 2015 Acura NSX

Image of the concept car 2015 Acura NSX

Windows of Acura Cars Are Unique

February 11, 2013 at 09:45

After the experts have critically assessed the Acura cars, they have come to the conclusion that the windows of the car have some unique features, which are not present in any car on the market, thus, it explains why some drivers come across a problem, when they want to change their windshields. That is the topic thus of our todays articles, as we will talk a little about this part of the car.

Image of the side windows of Acura car

Image of the side windows of Acura car

Why Acura TSX Is Still Popular

February 9, 2013 at 09:11

As we recall the time when the fans and drivers were eager to welcome the new Acura TSX, back in 2009. Why this even brough so much attention? Simply because it was announced to be the premium car of the premium quality and features. A simple touch of luxury wanted by everyone. Does that suite to the modern requirements of the drivers? Perhaps, yes and more so, people are simply in great predisposition to buy this model even now, not crying for the update of it. Even though the update of the Acura TSX model would be great too.

white Acura TSX car

Photo of the white Acura TSX car

Acura MDX and Its Competitors – Suzuki and Mazda

February 7, 2013 at 12:51

Many drivers of the Acura cars from the company have found that the latest model of the Acura MDX car is somewhat similar to the two other car companies that are offered on the market, they are Suzuki and Mazda. That is why today we want to compare a littler those three cars of the three companies, the marks of which will be named. Interestingly enough is that, even though the American market is full of different cars, mainly those two car companies were named to be producing the direct competitors of the Acura MDX car, and before we go into more details on the topic, it is worth to say that the outer look of the Acura car was voted as the most appealing.

Acura MDX car at the presentation

Image of the Acura MDX car at the presentation

Acura’s Flagship Got the Price Named

February 5, 2013 at 09:13

Japanese company Acura raised its voice about the cost of the new premium sedan RLX, which will be appointed to sales at the dealer markets starting on March 15. That is why we want to name the price for this car to our readers. Interestingly enough, is that the price for the personal use of the car is higher than the price for the other possible corporate or different kinds of uses, but the difference is not known to the broad public.

black Acura RLX car new model

Photo of the black Acura RLX car new model

Sight of Evolution – Concept Acura NSX

February 3, 2013 at 09:37

Now it is the year, in which the company Acura has promised to set the new ring of evolution in the car market with the use of the Acura NSX concept car. North American International Auto Show 2013 (NAIAS) audience were the first out of the whole world to look at the updated interior of the concept of new-generation NSX, which Honda will exhibit under the Acura brand name.

Photo of the concept car Acura NSX

Photo of the concept car Acura NSX

Eastern Europe Meets Acura with Three Dealers

February 1, 2013 at 09:03

Many fans of the Acura company are already greatly aware of the fact, that the company expanded its operations to the Eastern Europe. Premium brand Acura has officially launched a project, under which the countries of Europe will be pleased with the durect dealership of Acura since the next year. It is reported that the company Honda, owner of the brand, has already decided on those who will be selling cars in the countries. It is reported that the first people who want to buy “Acura” will have three vendors to make their dreams come true.

Sierra dealer of Acura

Photo of the Sierra dealer of Acura