The Company “Honda” Develops Its Acura Network to the CIS Countries

March 17, 2013 at 09:32

Many of the countries, where the Acura car is represented account mainly for the American population, and this is clear, since the Acura Company is the luxury branch specially developed for the demands of the American population. But there is no secret, that what is interesting for some people in the end can be found to be interesting for others. And thus the CIS countries also appeared to be interested in cars of this brand, thus Honda decided to broaden their network.

Acura luxury car 2013

Image of the Acura luxury car 2013

Acura NSX-T Right from the Fast and the Furious

March 15, 2013 at 12:33

As many of the car drivers do spend their time on watching some interesting films, we have no doubt that they have watched such an interesting piece that is called The Fast and the Furious. Even though the film itself was released some time ago, it is still a great movie about the cars and speed. And in such a film the Acura car is the most suitable car that can be found. Thus we will talk a little today about Acura NSX-T that appeared in this movie.

Acura NSX-T red model

Image of the Acura NSX-T red model

Eastern Model Line of Acura Will Grow

March 13, 2013 at 09:48

As we know that the Acura company is clearly an American division of the Honda Motors, their representatives in another countries may not have the whole model line that is offered at the dealers in America. We in fact already got some letters with the complains of the customers of Acura about the fact, that they have to find the way and a person, who would by the car for them in America and then successfully ship it back to Europe. Thus we took the initiative to look for what can be offered in Europe and ask the dealers maybe the line will be broadened.

black Acura sedan

Image of the black Acura sedan

Acura NSX – Distraction of the Driver Is as Small as Possible

March 11, 2013 at 09:28

Today we will continue the topic of the inner side of the most outstanding car of this year – Acura NSX. Inside the Acura NSX concept the driver can meet plenty of different kind of leather, as we can note, this is one of the most widely used materials for the car design, as it is the representation of luxury and style. The type of leather most used for the NSX model is called Alcantara and also some inserts are based on carbon fiber, which is a totally new element in the car manufacturing industry. A specific feature of this element is that it is much more lighter than steal and aluminum, but at the same time it is far stronger.

inner side of Acura NSX 2013

Image of the inner side of Acura NSX 2013

This Summer We Will See Acura MDX 3rd Generation

March 9, 2013 at 09:44

The cars already developed at the car companies never stop at one model, except if we are talking about concepts and limited editions. Most often the cars that appear to be most demanded continue their root in the terms of the future generations, which are the improved versions of the cars of the previous type. The same is at the Acura company. Third generation of MDX will go on sale this summer. Hopefully, in 2014, the new crossover will be available almost everywhere and many markets will be open for it.

Acura MDX 3rd Generation

Image of the Acura MDX 3rd Generation

Acura MDX of the New Generation Is Incredible!

March 7, 2013 at 09:55

According to the manual of the Acura Company, the new MDX is now almost on par with BMW and Porsche cars, but if we look at the drive dynamics and energy the car gives to the driver, MDX substantially bypasses their performance. The main reason for the frenzied leap in performance is the latest of its kind unique suspension and electro-wheel drive system, which is equipped with a powerful engine. This system has worked well in the Acura RL sedan and SUV Acura RDX. As for the engine of the MDX model of Acura, this classic and fully-aluminum 3.7-liter V-shaped “six”-cylinder engine with 300 horsepower power is simply incredible.

Acura MDX old version car

Image of the Acura MDX old version car

Critics Report Problems With Calipers in Acura Cars

March 5, 2013 at 09:54

No driver ever wants to have problems with their cars; however, it is simply impossible not to come across some difficulties with the car. Well, there are two situations, when the owner has no problems with the car, first, is when he buys Acura only for the collection reasons and thus the car stays somewhere untouchable, and the second situation, is when the owner is so rich, that whenever the car seems to go not that smoothly as if the new one, the owners buys a new model. But we are supposed to be realistic and thus we will talk about the possible problems with Acura cars.

black Acura new car

Picture of the black Acura new car