SEMA Auto Show – the Best Advertisement for Acura ILX Street Build

January 3, 2013 at 05:02

At the SEMA Show 2012 Acura introduced two conceptual modification ILX with the compact luxury sedan body type of the 2013 model year. It should be noted that the North American subsidiary of a Japanese Honda returned to action two new projects, that were to serve as the New Year gifts to the fans of the brand and generate additional profit for the company.

Acura NSX at SEMA 2012

Photo of Acura NSX at SEMA 2012

Acura ILX by no accident was the subject of upgrades on SEMA Show. The project Acura ILX Street Build demonstrated at the show was the reflection of the customization options of the sedan without compromising its quality. And really, what could be worse, if the car got so many useful improvements. The project of the Acura ILX Street Build was made specially for the concept lovers, as the project reflects in some way the way concepts take place at the Acura company.

Acura-Honda concept at SEMA 2012

Photo of the Acura-Honda concept at SEMA 2012

The SEMA show was the place of the many car magazines for the visit, it means that about the project of Acura will be known soon in many places, this is in fact the best advertisement strategy at the moment. In such a way, not only people will be interested in the concept, but also in the Acura ILX model, which is now the latest development of the model.

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