Acura Advance – the Future Is Near

March 3, 2013 at 09:51

When the talk comes to the topic, what will be popular in the future, no one is able to make a good predictions about the demand, but not only that, the car market is far more difficult in that sense than any other. Since, as we realize, the car production takes place few years before the actual car release, some of the developers are now working on what will be our cars in future. In such a way, the Acura company as well, is engaging in this process and has called the project – Acura Advance.

Acura Advance Concept car

Photo of the Acura Advance Concept car

The company introduced their project at the Acura Auto Show in Los Angeles, in the presentation they included the description of what is going to be done and they also showed the concept cars of the future that show how cars will look in 2020. All in all, we can say that the Acura in future will look quite trendy and stylish.

car from Acura Advance project

Photo of the car from Acura Advance project

New Advanced Sedan Concept has a wheel size of 22 inches in the front, 23 inches at the rear part. We were not able to find reported and accurate information about the engine, power, and handling characteristics. However, we can say that the cars of the project will all have the “Advance” in the beginning of the name, thus you will always know what car is the result of the project.

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