Concept Acura Caused the War in the “Twitter”

February 21, 2013 at 09:52

Members of one of the most popular social networks suspected that the concept presented in Detroit Acura NSX has some features of the car Audi that was released some decades ago. German brand itself has become involved. Everyone from the fans of Acura and the developers to the fans of the competitors had their eyes glued to the twitter to follow what was happening there.

super concept car Acura NSX inner side

Image of the super concept car Acura NSX inner side

“Would it be too rude to say that the Acura NSX is too much like the Audi Quattro Spyder?” – Asked Matthew Phoenix, one of the many users of the social network “Twitter”. “Would it be too rough to follow this message?” – Responded immediately twitter office and Audi posted this message to the users feed. Following which in the social network, and a number of automotive sites developed this verbal battle between the fans of both brands. In particular, at the very Audi has in its address – some felt that appeared in 1991, the concept Audi Quattro Spyder seems to be “too similar” to the released couple of years before sports car Nissan 300ZX.

Tony Stark presenting Acura NSX car

Image of the Tony Stark presenting Acura NSX car

Audi Quattro Spyder was a way to set the concept in the base with V-shaped “six” and the all-wheel drive transmission. The car is considered the predecessor debuted a few years later model TT, and even though it was built on a common front-wheel scheme, the car still cannot be that much said to be reminding the Acura NSX concept.

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