Eastern Europe Meets Acura with Three Dealers

February 1, 2013 at 09:03

Many fans of the Acura company are already greatly aware of the fact, that the company expanded its operations to the Eastern Europe. Premium brand Acura has officially launched a project, under which the countries of Europe will be pleased with the durect dealership of Acura since the next year. It is reported that the company Honda, owner of the brand, has already decided on those who will be selling cars in the countries. It is reported that the first people who want to buy “Acura” will have three vendors to make their dreams come true.

Sierra dealer of Acura

Photo of the Sierra dealer of Acura

It may seem very little, just three vendors, but the Acura company said this is the number of the official dealers, which will be opened at the same time as the start of the project. According BFM.ru citing a source in the company, one of the first dealers will be located in Moscow. Since the company has already signed the agreement with the dealers.

Acura dealer Denville

Image of the Acura dealer Denville

What kind of a company it is, is not reported, but it is one of the dealers of Honda. However, to realize Acura vehicles there will be built a separate building with an appropriate design. The newspaper said the construction of the first dealerships to sell and service cars under the Acura brand will begin this summer.

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