Eastern Europe Meets Acura with Three Dealers

February 1, 2013 at 09:03

Many fans of the Acura company are already greatly aware of the fact, that the company expanded its operations to the Eastern Europe. Premium brand Acura has officially launched a project, under which the countries of Europe will be pleased with the durect dealership of Acura since the next year. It is reported that the company Honda, owner of the brand, has already decided on those who will be selling cars in the countries. It is reported that the first people who want to buy “Acura” will have three vendors to make their dreams come true.

Sierra dealer of Acura

Photo of the Sierra dealer of Acura

Steal Versus Aluminum in the Acura Cars

January 11, 2013 at 06:22

Today we are going to talk about the material which Acura currently uses in the production of its cars. Some people will be rather surprised to hear that this well-established car maker still gives more attention to the steal instead of the aluminum. We will look at this situation from the example of the currently popular Acura RLX model.

black Acura car 2013

Image of the black Acura car 2013

How to Choose the Parts to Repair Your Car Acura MDX

January 5, 2013 at 05:04

Despite the fact that the car Acura MDX was born almost a century ago, some other people were able to see the cars of this company a little later, not exactly but some time around the early nineties, during the opening of the Iron Curtain. Today, spare parts for cars like Acura MDX are available from many specialized car repair stations and from the on-line catalog from different countries, including the Ukraine, Romania, going into India and other. Therefore today we will talk about the spare parts for this car.

Acura MDX 150

Image of Acura MDX 150

Engine of the Acura TL Model

November 21, 2012 at 02:17

We have discussed in the recent past the new models of the Acura company, however, there can be no denying that there is much to say about the models of the Acura, which are already in the business for quite a time. Therefore, we wanted to stop today on the great Acura TL model, which has already won a great deal of audience for itself and also on the engine of this model in particular.

Image of the Acura TL 2010 model

Image of the Acura TL 2010 model

Acura SUV Rolled Over After Colliding With Suzuki SX4

October 1, 2012 at 11:01

Acura cars are very expensive and very rare to be met on the open roads. However, there are some situations, when some things happen, which are just the part of the life of the cars and the drivers. As a reporter from the car magazine Avtopoligon.info reports, the accident occurred quite recently, on the roads of one of the European capitals, at the crossroads of the Dnieper embankment and prospectus Tychyna. As the driver of Suzuki SX4 says his story, he moved from the bridge on the Dnieper embankment and cross the Dnieper embankment to the prospectus Tychiny and he wanted to rotate left. Behind him stood a Renault Megane. When the green light appeared on the traffic light, he just started to move a little and then stopped, and then Acura RDX crushed right into the head of his car, which was moving towards the prospect.

Photo of black Acura RDX

Photo of black Acura RDX

Explaining the SH-AWD System of Acura Cars

September 29, 2012 at 12:19

ESP, DSC, EBD, Active Steering, Distronic – we can name a very long list of systems. All of them, in the end result, are designed to assist the driver in the required time, whether it’s an extreme situation or a sharp turn at high speed. All-wheel drive SH-AWD, used in cars of Acura and Honda brands is among them. However, if the vast majority of systems bring to the process of driving the boredom, the SH-AWD system has very interesting behavior.

Picture of the Acura ZDX car

Picture of the Acura ZDX car

Acura Will Receive a Smart Control System

September 23, 2012 at 11:55

As the fans of the Acura concern may note, this brand is not quite keeping their cars up-to-date with the novelties in the technical side. When other car manufacturers are already changing the versions of their control systems, Acura has not developed their own yet. The mother company of Acura, Honda International, decided to take the wheel in this context of development of their luxury cars and show the way they should follow.

Photo of Acura TL Panel Control View

Photo of Acura TL Panel Control View