Steal Versus Aluminum in the Acura Cars

January 11, 2013 at 06:22

Today we are going to talk about the material which Acura currently uses in the production of its cars. Some people will be rather surprised to hear that this well-established car maker still gives more attention to the steal instead of the aluminum. We will look at this situation from the example of the currently popular Acura RLX model.

black Acura car 2013

Image of the black Acura car 2013

The design of the new items used steel. Even though it is rather heavy element for the parts, almost 55 percent of the body is made out of it. More popular element and raw material is aluminum and many sports brands use only it to make the car lighter. But the Acura company decided to make it more stable, as sports is sports, but the real life driving experience is in now way that much interested in the lower weight of the car. Thus aluminum was used for the front fenders, hood, front subframe and door panels. Even though they all look very safe and solid. Weight of the model is 1783 pounds. Which if truth would be told is not critical, because even though it cannot compete in lightness with some other models of other companies, but it still is within the norms and will be perceived as the normal weight of the car.

sports blue Acura car

Picture of the sports blue Acura car

Even though the German car makers also have some doubts in turning to the aluminum fully, they would be more ready to leave 30 percent of the body made out of steal, while the rest would be done out of other new materials.

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