The Acura RDX Creative Advertising

February 23, 2013 at 09:15

Apart from the car development, there are other spheres of business where the makers want to be creative, and there can be no mistake if you call it advertising or marketing. Thus today we will talk about the essential creativity path of advertising in Acura. RPA Santa Monica has found another good way to express the essence of the urban car of the SUV model. In the video «Wall Art» (which essentially mans the Murals) for the new Acura RDX real car is shown in the city, painted on the walls.

advertisment from Acura RDX video

Picture from the advertisment from Acura RDX video

By large, it is the urban landscape, its graph and activity, what is making movie about this car any noticeable. Big ideas are not that much in it, but the performance is what that makes to his credit. Production Epoch Films attracted to creating this short film a directorial duo of Collision Films. Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley previously worked mostly with music videos, for example, to Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand.

Acura RDX on the presentation

Image of the Acura RDX on the presentation

The video for the Acura they used stop-frame animation, showing viewers phenomenal street art. British street artist Sainty team of seventeen embodied the idea on 12 meters distance. All graphics that we see in the video, these are real figures, not CGI. Shooting video took 10 days, and they used 450 gallons of paint and 500 cans of spray paint. Sainty companions drew 400 figures.

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