2014 Acura RSX Sedan Will Be Based on the Honda Civic

December 15, 2012 at 06:10

The development of new cars at the Acura company and their mother company Honda is going all the way. Both leading car concerns want to beat up the competition in the market in the upcoming year, which is believed to be much more profitable than the previous ones, as the economists say that the economy is on its recovery stage, thus people will be more willing to spend their money on car, especially Acura cars.

2014 RSX Acura concept

Image of the sketch of 2014 RSX Acura concept

The new luxury sedan Acura RSX in the end will be developed based on the new generation Honda Civic and will be introduced only in the 2014th year, because the Acura company wants to make everything perfect. Just the developers wanted to warn the people, so that they do not think that the car Acura RSX will be like the Civic, so the model in addition to the increased size will become the owner of the option premium package, unique body design and a set of engines. And a lot of other different features, which Civic does not have.

potential 2014 Acura RSX

Image of the potential 2014 Acura RSX

Acura RSX release is going to take place closer to the middle of the 2014th year, it will be a kind of replacement of current varieties of the Acura TSX model, but to talk about it is still too early, since no details of the project were disclosed between the officials and the car magazines.

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