Acura ILX Car Will Cost Less Than $ 30 000

December 1, 2012 at 02:34

The price tag of the car can sometimes make all the deals. No matter how good the dealers work, the number on the price tag. However, even being the luxury car manufacturer, the clients of Acura are still considered to be price sensitive, as the recent of the US market showed, and as we know the Acura is majorly produced for the North America car drivers.

Image of Acura ILX model

Image of Acura ILX model

Mid-size sedans have become very popular in the auto market in many countries and not only in the major target market of Acura – the US, which is why virtually every automaker strives to release a similar model, re-design or add some specifications to their existing ones to be similar to sedans. Acura has prepared for release the sedan ILX, it will be assembled in the factory Honda Manufacturing of Indiana LLC, the official release is expected in January next year at the International Auto Show in Detroit.

ILX model  Acura

Photo of the blue ILX model car Acura

Information about the new model of Acura is almost all published in the web now, and nothing new came out, only the company representatives mentioned few words about the prices for the car. However, interestingly enough, the company leaders promised to make the car affordable. As they said the cost will not exceed $ 30 000, this information applies to the U.S. car market, as to the other market it is unknown.

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