Acura MDX – New Possibilities for All

December 19, 2012 at 05:52

This Acura car is a representation of a new generation of American cars. We have earlier touched upon the newest technology in the engine making called the VTEC, which was used for the production of this car. This technology was developed in order to produce more power leaving the number of cylinders constant, in such a way, the V6 in this car can clearly challenge the good V8 and in the end win in the power generated.

silver Acura MDX V6

Image of the silver Acura MDX V6

On the American roads you can meet this baby with some share of luck for, as some deft car owners have already purchased the MDX car from the dealers. Its price is around 80,000 dollars, compared to America the price always looks threatening. But, unfortunately, it is quite adequate, it must be said. For them and the car owner will certainly get a stylish look and luxurious interior design, and even innovative wheel-drive system, only whether or not all this investment is worth the money, he will understand only after purchase.

dark red Acura MDX V6 2010

Image of the dark red Acura MDX V6 2010

In the driver’s seat, for example, as many as 10 opportunities are available to set up their rightful place at the wheel. The only thing that is not clear, is why so much the automatic transmission was shifted to lever towards the driver. And the lower unit in the center console falls slightly out of the total of the ensemble, as well as a very good picture is obtained. Separately we want to mention the leisure activities for the rear passengers, who do not have to wait for the mercy of the driver or front passenger, independently controlling the system using the remote, which can fall out of the blue right from the ceiling.

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