Acura MDX – Takes Americans to the New Level

December 13, 2012 at 04:28

This Acura represents the whole new generation of American cars, or in other words, the developers have such reasoning to explain their care about the fuel economy and the manufacturers sense and pride in the fact that their technology-VTEC V6 produces almost as much power as it can beat up a good V8 engine. In such a way, we believe the Americal car drivers are going to change their habits of driving. Engine capacity still grew up to be a new record in the car market this year. Now it is 3.7 liters, and power for the V6 also got into the record books of the company – as much as 300 hp at 6000 r/min.

Acura MDX 2012

Photo of the new Acura MDX 2012

To manage this power the car will have the new 5-speed gearbox with the function of Sequential SportShift. A cohort of various innovations will add all-wheel drive SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive), which has already pleased his appearance at the parent company of Acura in the latest addition to the executive class – the familiar Honda Legend.

Acura MDX car Coupe

Image of the Acura MDX car Coupe

The future owners of this car can not now walk without pride, mentioned that his car can screw into the turn, feeding on the outside rear wheel with 1.7% more traction. That’s just the effects of such liberties that can startle the driver on slippery surfaces. So it would be better to show off the system Active Damper System, available on the sports update that adjusts the shock absorbers to the features of the road.

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