Acura MDX – When Luxury Overcomes Competition

December 3, 2012 at 02:20

Luxury division of Honda Motors Co. began to please us again with the appearance of interesting new products, but the situation has not been so for the past years. The peak of the company’s lineup is still the Acura MDX, which is very impressive and, more importantly, effectively updated. The car, apart from being developed two years ago still manages to score high with the current competitors.

black Acura MDX

Image of the black Acura MDX

The model MDX has not only a more attractive appearance, but also has seriously grown in technical terms. Designers, however, apparently kept looking at the Audi Q7, when drawing the back of the car and the engineers said they were taken as the standard chassis of the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne, the dissemination of findings on the German N?rburgring, but that such a commitment to excellence – that’s just a plus .

standard Acura MDX

Photo of the silver standard Acura MDX

The interior design of the space will certainly remind the Subaru Tribeca, and there’s no getting around, because both models are targeted at the U.S. market. Just the functionality seemingly at Acura is better, and the interior is clearly aimed at the driver. The only thing that is not clear, is why there were so much shifts of the automatic transmission lever towards the driver. And the lower unit in the center console falls slightly out of the total ensemble, all in all a very good picture is obtained.

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