Acura NSX – Distraction of the Driver Is as Small as Possible

March 11, 2013 at 09:28

Today we will continue the topic of the inner side of the most outstanding car of this year – Acura NSX. Inside the Acura NSX concept the driver can meet plenty of different kind of leather, as we can note, this is one of the most widely used materials for the car design, as it is the representation of luxury and style. The type of leather most used for the NSX model is called Alcantara and also some inserts are based on carbon fiber, which is a totally new element in the car manufacturing industry. A specific feature of this element is that it is much more lighter than steal and aluminum, but at the same time it is far stronger.

inner side of Acura NSX 2013

Image of the inner side of Acura NSX 2013

Instead of the classic gear the company switched to buttons on two different sides with the system called Sport Hybrid SH-AWD and damping control. The reporters of the our company got an exclusive right to look at the inner side of the car and its saloon, before the Acura NSX was totally closed for the viewers. It may be because the Japanese company, as it has pointed out earlier, made some corrections in the sketches and in the total outlook of the car in the model of the sports type.

rear part of Acura NSX

Photo of the rear part of Acura NSX

Because NSX Acura will be also a sports version soon, specially for that purpose there was developed a new interior corresponding to the standing of the car. Its main aim was to lower the attention of the driver on some other things and make the complete focus on the road. Thus on the wheel there are almost no buttons, and all them were shifted to the frontal panel.

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