Acura NSX-T Right from the Fast and the Furious

March 15, 2013 at 12:33

As many of the car drivers do spend their time on watching some interesting films, we have no doubt that they have watched such an interesting piece that is called The Fast and the Furious. Even though the film itself was released some time ago, it is still a great movie about the cars and speed. And in such a film the Acura car is the most suitable car that can be found. Thus we will talk a little today about Acura NSX-T that appeared in this movie.

Acura NSX-T red model

Image of the Acura NSX-T red model

Despite the fact that Acura has featured in only a small episode in the end of the film, the car is a very interesting topic of the talk as it was elaborated to the most that can even be there in the film. Besides that it is version called Acura NSX-T (model with the targa body), it still has a lot of details that can be seen also on this sport versions NSX-R. And one them can be named the seats Recaro NA1, which are one of a kind seats specially made for the speed racers in the market.

Acura NSX-T on the roadrace

Photo of Acura NSX-T on the roadrace

Interesting to find out is that the car was not built specifically for the film: its owner – Hugh Vance, was the owner of hookah bar, where the actors of the film The Fast and the Furious were the frequent guests. They just offered to shoot the final scene of his car, which he uses daily in order to get to work. However, even though the story of the car is not as extraordinary as we may think, that car itself is a great masterpiece.

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