Acura RSX – How It Was Developed

January 29, 2013 at 08:25

More than four years of the developers work in the Acura Company on this manifestation of the style and driving experience, all this time was devoted for a single car, for no other car there was held so much time and effort as to this masterpiece, which will now be discussed. Sweat and blood, the daily toil of the guys from Import Tuner and Skunk2 and of course the Acura developers on this joint project – gave a start to the life of the famous Acura RSX Type in our new, wonderful world of the car cherishers.

new Acura RSX concept car

Image of the new Acura RSX concept car

The first thing that always draws the attention is the power unit of the strong and powerful machine. The Acura RSX has a 2-liter engine, we have to note that it is one of the best engines that the company has developed and it was given to the RSX-type, where K20Z was gradually replaced, which ruled in this car until his engine of the B-serial engine type was well designed to its final stage – it was good.

rear view of Acura RSX

Picture of the rear view of Acura RSX

Interesting enough, but the team of Acura and Import Tuner and Skunk2 wanted to create a power supply unit, which would warm up any bully who dared to throw the challenge to our car. After numerous secret talks and meetings, this combined team decided to follow up the fight with great prospects and build a bully with uncompromising engine from the RSX-T. That is how the contemporary Acura came to existence.

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