Acura SLX – There Is No Model With 8 Cylinders as Good as This One

January 19, 2013 at 07:06

Acura SLX Sport is the most comfortable option staffed and cargo-passenger version of the Honda Horizon, which, in turn, is a version of the company pastors Trooper Isuzu, made by Honda which in 1993 signed a cooperation agreement between each other. SLX model for the United States is equipped with 3.2-liter V6 rated at 177 hp, manual or automatic transmission, rear-or all-wheel drive by the option of the buyer, of cource the price changes accordingly.

SUV Acura SLX model

Image of the SUV Acura SLX model

Acura introduced its first SUV, which was expected with all the facilities a luxury passenger car of the class “luxury” would want just in 1996. This car was a timely response to the ever-increasing popularity among wealthy buyers of vehicles called jeeps. With the appropriate level of comfort, SLX boasts exceptional off-road performance that only leader of this “war” class can handle. Equally important is the other features of SLX – spacious cargo compartment, a powerful roadside included “on the run” all-wheel drive and anti-lock brake system.

old version of Acura SLX 2003

Photo of the old version of Acura SLX 2003

As a luxury SUV, SLX can immensely bestow their potential buyers: plush interior finish, combined with the additional very fashionable equipment creates the necessary conditions for a sense of complete comfort, which greatly contributes to the heated leather seats and a folding roof with electric drive. Impressive torque and solid power, developed six-cylinder engine capacity of 3.2 liters, leave no trace of regret that there is no model with eight-cylinder motor as good as this one.

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