Acura ZDX – a Fast Response from Japan

March 25, 2013 at 07:55

The market success of BMW X6 clearly was not leaving in a good mood the Japanese Honda. Thus they took all their resources and skills in order to make something worthy from their side and take over the part of the market that the BMW wanted to get. And in fact they did a great job on that one, by putting into production such a great car as Acura ZDX.

black Acura ZDX model

Photo of the black Acura ZDX model

The Japanese luxury brand took the initiative to implement their own concept coupe-crossover. They decided to do it under their luxury brand’s U.S. division Acura and not Honda, because the luxury competition should be beat up by the luxury car. As the American population, which love the BMW X6 version so much is also interested in the SUV models, the Acura company matched up those two facts and created a ZDX model.

rear view of Acura ZDX

Image of the rear view of Acura ZDX

Acura ZDX as the Bavarian car has a higher level of the seats, thus entering it the driver appears in a whole new interior with the feeling they cannot describe. Acura ZDX – this is a fairly large five-door crossover hatchback with rapid coupe-like profile. The originality of the car is given by the hidden rack rear door handles, as Seat Leon. All in all, the car in all perspectives looks fresh and ideal for use.

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