Acura’s New Hybrid – MDX

May 15, 2012 at 17:14

The automotive industry is changing constantly in order to fit the customer needs. As it was said many time before, a hybrid engine is more of a consumer concern, but the auto makers have to take this preference into a great consideration if they want to stay in the market. In such a way Acra is expanding its hybrid product line. At this time it is the midsize crossover MDX. In fact, this car was very popular among the consumers and so Acura had not choice but the transform it into a modern hybrid.

Photo of the MDX hybrid model

Photo of the MDX hybrid model

The gasoline with electric version engine of the new MDX will be fully done by the end of this year and it is believed that the car will be released in the next year. At this stage the developmental and research activities are taken place in order to provide the best optimization for the new version of the good model. However, some experts say that Acura headquarters are only hiding the fact that this car is almost done and shortly in the summer the fruits of the work will be revealed. They say that all the secrecy is in order to prevent competitors from copying.

Photo of the MDX hybrid

The latest announcements have said that the car will have the option between front wheel and all wheel drive. This was done for greater comfort of the drivers.

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