Development of the Engine of Acura RSX

February 15, 2013 at 09:20

It was already much said about the model of the Acura called RSX, many vies have been shared in terms of the capabilities of the car, its inner look and the technologies that it has currently to satisfy the tastes of the ever hungry drivers. However, there was not that much information about the way the engine of that car has been developed. That is why we want to tell about this side of the car to our readers, how the engine of the Acura RSX came into being.

concept car Acura RSX

Image of the concept car Acura RSX

The first step in the construction of the engine began with the extensive run and the crankshaft replacement of the knee K24, taken with the Honda Accord c K24A3. It was sent back for review under the strict control over Joe Castillo Castill’s Crankshaft Service, located in La Mirada, California. Unit was processed in clean hot tub, then hit him with a magnetic powder to detect cracks and other minor defects.

old version of Acura RSX car

Photo of the old version of Acura RSX car

After checking any defects there were detected cervical rod crankshaft, they were completed with a number of engine connecting rod necks B, maintaining the standard connectors. The knee was sharpened, thus reducing drag and increasing the speed of wind. The car has lost thus somewhat 3.5 lbs (1.5 kg). Treatment of the engine also touched oil channels: they were treated and mowed. Then quickly making a check on the nitrate and a larger metal piece that was initially sent back to Skunk2 for installation.

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