Engine of Acura RLX Is Smarter Than Ever

January 25, 2013 at 09:20

Today we are going to talk about the engine of the Acura RLX model, which was presented on our portal for many times, but before that we will shortly talk about the other possible future versions. By the end of 2013 it is also expected to appear RLX Acura with the 370 version of the strong hybrid, combining the V6 engine and the seven-speed transition with two clutches. For the convenience of the drivers. Sales of sedan Acura RLX in the U.S. will begin next spring.

dark blue Acura RLX

Photo of the dark blue Acura RLX

The flagship Acura RLX sedan will be available with a 310-horsepower six-cylinder power unit, which is able to take the capacity of the 3.5 liters of petrol. The engine is also equipped with direct fuel injection system, which is known in the market for its fuel efficiency, thus the drivers and owners will save their money and nerves at the gas stations. The unique feature of the engine of this car has the feature newly developed at the Acura company that allows the engine regulate the number of cylinders needed and disable half the cylinders at low loads. The motor is mounted with a six-speed automatic transmission.

engine of Acura RLX

Image of the engine of Acura RLX

The six-speed transition is getting more and more popular among the drivers of the Acura cars. They say that the usual five-speed for the new driver is simply not enough, because the travels of the temporary people are not limited to the travels in the city, thus the sixth speed is needed.

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