G-Tuning – New Tuning Atelier for Acura

March 23, 2013 at 09:19

A totally new tuning atelier has appeared on the spaces of the America, which has promised to change the way Acura car looks forever. In such a way, the first thing that we did was to rush over there and get to know what they can offer, as the marketing is still making its job and people as well as the car magazines have their hopes up for good. The name of the new atelier is G-Tuning Atelier.

new Acura tuning atelier

Image of the new Acura tuning atelier

Important role in the way the car looks and in the representation of the vehicle is played by the wheels, some people think that the bigger they are the more power they portray, however still within the reasonable sizes, of course. Acura tuning ateliers know that in this case, that still the new look of the car is the order of the owner and also we cannot forget that the type and purpose of the car also play the important role in this process of making an Acura car even better one.

Acura RSX car

Image of the Acura RSX car

Equally important is a good aerodynamic body kit, which can be as radically changed in the appearance of the car as well as it can be gently highlighting its features. Among all the offers that are available, the special new Tuning atelier can offer to put the new Lambo Doors that are made in the style of “Lamborghini”. You can also replace the optics, install aftermarket mirrors and a rear spoiler that can be a great style to the Acura GT, and a small strip on the trunk lid.

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