Honda Turns Off Manufacturing of Acura RL

December 11, 2012 at 03:46

It is always sad to hear that company is deciding to set the production of the model aside and just resell what is left in the stock. All in all, this is what is happening now with the Acura RL car model. All in all, it is not always bad, because the company maybe frees the production site and the resources for something new, about which we will hear some time soon.

Image of the Acura RL car

Image of the Acura RL car

Japanese company decided to stop making model Acura RL in the land of the rising sun. Production models of Acura RL were made in the company’s plant in Saitama Prefecture, and the production was phased out in late June. Manual Honda has notified dealers of the brand that stops accepting applications for the model. Acura RL on the line will be replaced with “more popular compact models and Kei-cars,” Kyodo news agency wrote, citing unnamed sources in the Honda. According to the same publication, to its customers the company intends to offer a new model instead of RL – the sedan RLX North American assembly.

 RL logo Acura RL

Image of the RL logo on the Acura RL car

Sedan Acura RLX, shown in concept form at the Auto Show in New York, will go on sale in early 2013 with two power units. The base version of the car will drive the front wheels and 310-horsepower gasoline engine, and a top-end modification of the model will equip the 370-strong hybrid that combines an electric motor and three 3.5-liter engines, all-wheel drive system and robotized transmission with double clutch.

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