Serial Acura RLX Will Stay With V6 Instead of V8

January 1, 2013 at 06:39

As the new year is already here, we would want to start it with the good news from the cocnern, which would sort of set the mood for the whole year of news from the great Acura concern. Today we are going to give a sort of a present for the readers, because the series version on the Acura RLX appeared to be almost the exact copy of the concept.

 Acura RLX serial version

Photo of the Acura RLX serial version

In bodywork of the sedan Acura RLX there was used a lot of aluminum. As a result, vehicle weights very little if we compare it to the same models of cars across the market. Therefore, the total weight of the car is only 1783 kg. As the concept was promised to be with the most powerful engine and they did – as the company has compared the engines they have the V6 of the capacity 3.5-liters is the one developing the best results. Even thought the new technologies of the V8 and V12 engines are now in use, they still do not beat up the V6 in the productivity.

V6 Acura RLX model

Photo of V6 Acura RLX model

In such a way, the series of Acura RLX, which go to the market in its full form will have the V6 engine instead of the wanted by public V8, but the headquarters say that when people will buy the car and ride it, they will feel that the decision made by the company has been the best for the driving experience the car can give.

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