Test-drive Acura MDX: The American Dream part I

February 11, 2015 at 16:48

The first question asked, getting into the interior of the new Acura MDX, – that a lot of money for these offers Japanese luxury brand? Response on which is at the surface – this resolution. Or rather, the infinite inner space of seven full-fledged seats and a large luggage compartment even in the third row of seats.
But not only spacious “takes” Japanese luxury crossover. As part of the technical stuffing Acura MDX is consistent with their status and price.

Acura MDX pics

Acura MDX picture

This includes adaptive cruise control, and LED lights, camera and a panoramic view, and an advanced entertainment system for rear passengers, and even a heated steering wheel. And much, much more equipment designed to protect and brighten the life of the owner of the car not cheap.

Acura MDX pics

Acura MDX image

However, in fairness is worth noting that some advanced technologies Acura MDX already are increasingly common and quite affordable cars. And sensors blind spots, or, for example, an advanced multimedia system today is difficult to surprise someone. By the way, about the sound system itself ambiguous opinion has been formed. She is voiced by bad movies and plays recorded music from a CD or USB, but when playing radio does not cause any delight. But it’s all quite subjective.

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