Test-drive Acura MDX: The American Dream part II

February 13, 2015 at 23:26

To test the new Acura MDX, we have chosen a few days driving around the city, and then a short trip with the whole family. As for city driving, the flow rate in the 14-15 liters was quite tolerable for a huge seven-seat crossover with a 3.5-liter engine capacity of 290 “horses”. But the fact a relaxed manner and drive more quality gasoline is quite possible to invest in a factory to 11.2 liters in the combined cycle, we have seen a 100%.
As for the work of the engine and transmission, the fault is the Acura MDX simply does not need it. Torque is 360 Nm missing in virtually all situations. Although the name of motor itself is explosive and it cannot be cheerful.

Acura MDX image

Acura MDX pics

At the same time, like all engines of this brand, it is easy to spin up to 5-6, 000 rpm and accelerates quite confident with the car as a huge place, and with quite a decent speed. And up to a hundred in just 7.5 seconds.
Work six-speed automatic and all left the most pleasant experience. No nervousness, a complete lack of thought and absolutely imperceptible gear. Is that the kick-down mode, the return to a higher gear does not always happen immediately. Individual words deserves insulation interior of the new Acura MDX.

Acura MDX picture

Acura MDX pics

Inside the car did not hear the motor – are used to it already almost all owners of the new generation of “Honda”. Here the Japanese went on perfectly wheel arches, and the bottom. As a result, in the car, you can talk in a whisper almost any speed and even when traveling traditionally poor-quality pavement.

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