The New Flagship of the Acura got All-Wheel Chassis

December 9, 2012 at 03:09

When it comes to the new cars, the auto concerns are interested in making the car, which will be more popular than those, which already exist in the market. Some companies do that with the new design. Other with the new technologies offered, but the Acura decided to make the new cars more save and thus introduced all-wheel chassis for their new flagship.

Acura RLX all-wheel drive

Photo of Acura RLX all-wheel drive

Among the features of the model: all-wheel chassis called now with the new abbreviation P-AWS, which in fact means that Precision All-Wheel Steer, which controls the angle of rotation of the left and right rear wheels independently of each other, fully LED headlights, and adaptive cruise control, able to work independently in traffic and use brakes until the car stops. This significantly increases the stability of the car on the road and thus safety of the driver and passenger.

side view Acura RLX all-wheel

Picture of the side view of Acura RLX all-wheel drive

Overall length of the sedan RLX is 4980 millimeters – about the same as the previous model of RL, which replaced the novelty. At the same wheelbase and overall width of the flagship increased by about 51 millimeters, and the space for passengers in the rear legs RLX by 76 millimeters more than competitive with the “Acura» BMW 535i, Lexus GS 350 and the Audi A6.

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