Unique concept Acura Tony Stark is valued $ 9 million

May 6, 2015 at 12:36

All fans were stunned by a new sports car concept car Acura, built specifically for the film “The Avengers.” Well, the picture came out, and we, in turn, will surprise you with the information that this amazing bullet Roadster is priced at an incredible $ 9,198,000, but it spends no less shocking 1 liter per 100 km in the urban cycle (0, 78 l / 100 km when driving on the highway). Fork out for this unique miracle car, you can feel not just a tough guy, and super economic superhero, forcing everyone who sees you at the wheel of this monster movie enviously stands slack-jawed.

Acura Tony Stark picture

Acura Tony Stark pics

The unique appearance of the metallic coating is supplemented bulletproof windshield with a night vision system and the system of HUD, bulletproof hyper-traction tires, the bottom with an aerodynamic spoiler, carbon-black wheels made using opaque elements. In addition, the concept car Acura installed anti-ballistic protection body panels, the incoming scan scrambler; plasma emitter is low density with ultraviolet flares, encrypted computer interface backup power and satellite communications.

Acura Tony Stark pics

Acura Tony Stark image

Apparently, getting this car with a range of 536 miles (863 km), its happy owner can not only with undisguised pride go all over the earth road, but also to enter the Earth’s orbit, do not pay them a quota for space tourism. Although, the price of $ 9 million, for sure, and this service is included.

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