Where the Company Name Acura Came From

January 31, 2013 at 09:52

It has been a long time, since we have talked to our readers about the history of the great Acura brand. That is why it was a surprise for us to learn that many of them do not know where the name of the company came from. That is why today we will liquidate the illiteracy of our readers. Brand name – Acura, was not chosen by chance. It was based on the morpheme from the Latin “Aku”, which in many languages of the world are equally denotes accuracy, verified and accurate.

Acura platinum model car

Image of the Acura platinum model car

It was finally invented a completely new word «Acura» that has a pleasant sound and accurate transmission strategic component of the company’s brand new Honda. As a new brand logo there was chosen a stylized form of the letter “A” picture calipers – a tool with which to perform precise measurements in the preparation of drawings, thereby emphasizing that all products are manufactured under the new brand name, is a technological and design excellence in the field of automotive industry.

brown Acura car

Photo of the brown Acura car

In the historical sense Acura is the first Japanese brand that has decided to enter the car market of premium segment, thus forever changing the balance of power in this segment. The basis of the new brand philosophy lay create products that are technologically ahead of time when the car is not just a separate mechanism, but a tool to expand and update human capabilities, making life more harmonious and filling it with emotion.

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