Acura Has Highest Ratings for Producing Spare Parts

March 1, 2013 at 09:51

The manufacturing facilities of the Honda company for the third year in a row become the leader in producing cars Acura. Plant Honda received three awards for the high-quality automotive assembly. And it also upgraded shock absorbers on the Acura MDX cars and also on other models. Increased demand for the purchase of spare parts for Acura mdx has lead to a bigger production in the year.

black Acura car

Photo of the black Acura car

Fabrication plants responsible for the parts of Acura cars value their reputation and therefore they are willing to consider all proposals for revision of quality of the Acura MDX parts, as it is reported in one of the popular car magazines. In such a way, they want to say that they are open and encourage people to send them your suggestions or comments on issues related to running a range of cars Acura MDX, ZDX. And they, in turn, will send a letter dealer Honda.

ILX model from Acura

Image of the ILX model from Acura

Honda and Acura after the study received the highest rating on the popularity, especially it is true for cars Honda CR-V, Piot, Acura MDX. Honda brand was the first place in the ranking of the quality of the original production of auto parts this year, beating up even the European brands that have always been boasting off because of the quality. Acura also adopted its position and finished third in the world.

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