Acura ILX sedan is turned into a racing car

May 1, 2015 at 12:31

In an effort to demonstrate the potential of its sports models in general, and in particular ILX sedan, the Japanese company Acura, which is under the patronage of another Japanese manufacturer Honda, has turned the luxury four-door car in a racing car. While the race cars this car can be called very conditional. Rather, this pulls on the processing of high-quality tuning project, with virtually all of the nodes Acura ILX undergone improvements or changes.

Acura ILX picture

Acura ILX pics

The car is equipped with a standard four-cylinder 2.4-liter, which is able to develop 201horse powers. It’s got a cold air intake manifold and sports exhaust system. Additionally, lose weight and improve manageability is designed to help racing suspension H & R, this will also contribute to the new rolling beams and reinforced rear suspension arms of Honda Performance Development. Large 18-inch black wheels Enkei, ‘wrapped” in low-profile tires BF Goodrich R1 together with high-brakes also will benefit the ride quality of a sedan.

Acura ILX pics

Acura ILX image

To increase the aerodynamic performance of the car was designed a new body kit, which also gives the ILX view this racing car. All elements of the stylish “body kit” made of ultra-light carbon fiber. Salon “Japanese” now boasts safety cage and a set of sport seats.

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