Acura is trying to increase sales

January 19, 2015 at 20:07

Acura may start production of new models in order to increase sales.
Presenting the new sports car NSX at the Auto Show in Detroit, the automaker Acura has plans to release new models, reports Automotive News referring to the head of department of the company’s business planning Erik Berkman.
According to him, the improvement of brand car sales may contribute to the emergence of new models such as the coupe and compact crossover.
Meanwhile, Berkman said that the company is not going to “shoot” the market all new categories at once, changes will occur gradually.
According to the portal, none of the existing models of five marks until it reaches the number of sales in even one hundred thousand per year.

Acura pics

Acura picture

Recall that recently at the motor show in Detroit Acura’s finally revealed the serial sports car NSX. First-generation model, which is sold under the brand Honda in all markets except North America and Hong Kong, was produced from 1990 to 2005.

Acura concept pics

Acura concept picture

Coupe equipped with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a twin-turbo engine V6, located between the axles, nine-gearbox with two clutches and three electric motors. One of them is located between the transmission and the internal combustion engine.

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