Acura new compact crossover coupe

January 21, 2015 at 01:10

Acura is considering the possibility of producing a compact crossover coupe.
A platform for a new crossover could serve Honda HR-V.
Head of Business Planning North American division Acura Erik Berkman said that before the leadership of the company has several new projects. In the future, the product line “Acura” may occur, in particular, the new two-door car and a compact crossover on the platform of the new Honda HR-V.
According to Erik Berkman, to think about expanding the company’s lineup forced low growth in sales volumes. Last year, the US managed to sell 167,843 of the car brand that just 1% more in comparison with the index of 2013.

Acura NSX pics

Acura NSX picture

The appearance of a coupe and crossover in the product line should contribute to a sharp increase in sales and a return to its former position (last year in terms of Acura vehicles sold in the United States bypassed Cadillac and Infiniti).

Honda HR-V pics

Honda HR-V picture

“If you look at the products of our competitors, you realize that there are market segments in which we are not represented. Today, we get accustomed to the different classes of cars, but that does not mean that Acura is going to” packs “to produce new car. No, we will go step by step, “- said Erik Berkman.

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