Acura RLX received five stars from NHTSA

June 27, 2015 at 11:00

The National Highway Safety Administration traffic of the USA (NHTSA) gave the highest five-star safety rating the latest version of Acura RLX.
As announced by representatives of NHTSA, assessment applies to the standard version of the RLX, or a hybrid model RLX Sport Hybrid. Sedan has earned five stars in all six crash tests, as well as in the test for resistance to rollover. Because of this, Acura RLX was rated Top Safety Pick +.

Acura RLX picture

Acura RLX pics

The model has received adaptive cruise control, collision warning system and head-mitigation technologies accident warning system lane departure, the system of aid in the movement of the strip, as well as a new system of Road Departure Mitigation, which tracks the vehicle’s position relative to marking, including the steering wheel vibration if RLX starts to veer in any direction without incorporated indicator.

Acura RLX pics

Acura RLX image

Also, the sedan is equipped with blind spot monitoring, rear view camera and warning system of cross traffic behind the vehicle, which is also new to the Acura RLX.

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