All Acura cars will have four-wheel drive

January 11, 2015 at 19:20

Acura Company is considering equipping all models with four-wheel drive.
Company Acura, apparently, is in search of itself. So, before the automaker was talking about the new “company policy”, which will involve equipping all cars of the brand with rear-wheel drive and motor V8, but this idea was rejected.
Now, in the minds of brand management is formed a new plan – to equip all cars sold under the brand Acura, wheel-drive system. At the same time, even in the basic configuration.

Acura NSX  pics

Acura NSX picture

“The ability to offer car with four-wheel drive is only – a key point. As a premium manufacturer, we need something that sets us apart from our competitors. It is important that the technology, design and dynamic characteristics evolved together. Otherwise we will not be able to increase the number of our fans, “- said a top manager of Acura Koichi Fukui, transfers« Automotive News ».

Acura NSX pics

Acura NSX picture

Recall that the future supercar brand Acura NSX, which will be available only after two years, will also be equipped with four-wheel drive. To be more precise, the gasoline engine hybrid supercar will be responsible for the rear axle, and electric motors guarantee operation of the front wheels.

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