Critics Report Problems With Calipers in Acura Cars

March 5, 2013 at 09:54

No driver ever wants to have problems with their cars; however, it is simply impossible not to come across some difficulties with the car. Well, there are two situations, when the owner has no problems with the car, first, is when he buys Acura only for the collection reasons and thus the car stays somewhere untouchable, and the second situation, is when the owner is so rich, that whenever the car seems to go not that smoothly as if the new one, the owners buys a new model. But we are supposed to be realistic and thus we will talk about the possible problems with Acura cars.

black Acura new car

Picture of the black Acura new car

As we have found out in some publications, the critics go on and on with telling how bad Acura cars are with the calipers. We have not found the reasoning on why they keep on telling that, however, we decided to check this information with the drivers of Acura of different models, not only the new ones. What they were saying in that magazine, the name of which we will not mention, is that over some kilometers, the calipers need some check up.

side view of a new Acura car

Photo of the side view of a new Acura car

We have talked to the owners and they somewhat said that this information is true to some extend. The calipers, especially in the MDX models, do need to be checked at the official technical services every 10 000 kilometers. But if we look rationally at it, this is quite a distance, thus there should be no worries.

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