Eastern Model Line of Acura Will Grow

March 13, 2013 at 09:48

As we know that the Acura company is clearly an American division of the Honda Motors, their representatives in another countries may not have the whole model line that is offered at the dealers in America. We in fact already got some letters with the complains of the customers of Acura about the fact, that they have to find the way and a person, who would by the car for them in America and then successfully ship it back to Europe. Thus we took the initiative to look for what can be offered in Europe and ask the dealers maybe the line will be broadened.

black Acura sedan

Image of the black Acura sedan

We cooperated with another news portal and together estimated the range of Acura, available for purchase in Europe and in Eastern part of it, like Russia. Soon, some of the new models of cars will be officially available in theses markets, but for now they have only models that were produced in 2010.

front of sedan Acura

Picture of the front of sedan Acura

At the last interview the president of the Detroit Motor Show Honda Motor has officially announced that after three years in Russia and Ukraine they will start the official sales of cars Acura brand – luxury department of the Japanese brand. Among the models soon to appear there were sedans, SUVs and the sports Acura cars.

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