New American Dream from Acura

January 7, 2013 at 03:53

Since the Acura car concern is mainly focusing its production on the American market, it wants to make its position solid in the new year. That is why the production is taking now into consideration the American drivers’ desires and wants, so that the cars would be most suitable for them in the first place. After the situation in the US market will be so to say sunny and bright, the company will turn its focus on the European market, as the recourses would be more than simply available by then.

 Acura SUV 2013

Image of the Acura SUV 2013

At the same time, you may ask, how the company will do what it wants. And the Acura prepared a great answer – they are creating a new “American Acura Dream” as the leadership of the company called it. What it means we will have to wait to get to know. As the Dream is kept in secret by the company and is strictly regulated by the production department of the company.

black Acura SUV car

Picture of black Acura SUV car

We have asked the drivers of Acura in America what they are waiting from the company and thus present to you our results of the questionnaire. First of all, people are waiting for the SUV model of the new Acura, secondly, they want it to have at least V8, as they are no longer satisfied with the V6, and also they want to get an all-wheel drive, like a normal and mighty SUV car should have.

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