The Acura Company Experiences Falling in Sales in America

December 17, 2012 at 05:09

As the fans of the Acura company and cars may know for sure, the market for these cars is very diverse. Even though only in two years the official representation of this car concern will be available in the Eastern European market, the cars from Acura are already having some issues. As the marketing research reports from some of the official data sources, the sales of Acura in America have fallen for the ending year.

white and blue Acura car

Photo of the white and blue Acura car

Company Acura decided ahead on the time to update the compact sedan ILX, which debuted in February this year at the Motor Show in Chicago. The reason for this was the low level of sales of the model this autumn in all the official dealership stores, the manufacturer failed to meet the expectations set by the headquarters of the company. It is reported by the publication called Automotive News that the executive vice president of the American branch of the “Honda” John Mendel said that they wanted to sell much more cars of this model to the public.

red Acura car

Picture of the red Acura car

According to Mendel, the main disappointment for the buyers was a two-liter four-cylinder engine developing 150 horsepower. In Acura company they found that customers consider such a motor too small and do not see any benefit in purchasing such a vehicle.

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