The new Concept Acura ZDX (X6-Fighting)

April 25, 2015 at 22:30

After a series of reconnaissance photographs and images, Acura car company finally gave the name of rival BMW X6, which was named «X6-fighter».
Acura announced the title fresh example of that will be presented at the Motor Show in New York, is now the concept is named «ZDX».

Acura ZDX Concept pics

Acura ZDX Concept image

“Test Example ZDX is not very unlike anything ever previously shown by Acura», said Jeff Conny, president of Acura sales. “The prototype offers a fresh level of luxury, the image and appearance of the Acura, which tell for themselves, and only promote the upcoming movement of the brand.”

Acura ZDX Concept picture

Acura ZDX Concept pics

“Luxury 4-door coupe” expects to reach dealerships this spring motor companies, and Acura is ready to prove these terms. As well as the fact that all the cars will be equipped with “fashionable, necessary and very necessary” features and technologies that will significantly enhance the safety of cars.

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