TLX sedan will not be selling in the US

January 5, 2015 at 18:34

Acura suspended sales of sedan TLX in the US due to a possible malfunction of the parking mode of automatic transmission
The reason for pause sales became the alleged defect of new nine-diapason “automatics”, which has the new sedan with a V6 engine. Engineers began to equip it a few months ago.
The Honda premium brand Manual called Acura brand sent out to dealers in the US order the suspension of sales of the new sedan TLX, says the publication Consumer Reports.
The reason for this was the alleged defect of new nine-diapason automatic gearbox, which has the sedan with a V6 engine. Automatic transmission is notable for the fact that the regimes it is selected by pressing and not the movement of the selector.

TLX sedan pics

TLX sedan picture

The car can spontaneously drove off as translated in the parking mode transmission is not actually blocked due to a mechanical defect in the production. The company has already notified the National Transportation Security Administration USA (NHTSA) on the fault.

TLX sedan pics

TLX sedan image

The disposal of Acura management applies only to modifications TLX with V6 engine and a new automatic transmission – performance sedan with four-cylinder engine equipped with another transmission, which has no problems with parking regime.

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