Acura MDX – the Japanese Which is Better than the German

January 17, 2013 at 16:12

Luxury is the word that is most often found in the different references to the brand Acura. First, we and many other fans and critics see only one new car, but still this is the view which is the first, after that people turn their attention on the relief surface and optics, and in their head already appears a spinning idea that this is a good product, made with love, for people whose income and needs well above average, this is the Acura MDX car.

Acura MDX car from the back

Image of the Acura MDX car from the back

Many people call this model as the great Japanese car with the characteristics better than in the German one. Previously we have considered a seven-seat MDX SUV with a large amount of cargo space and a powerful V-shaped “six” engine. In addition, the car had not the most striking design among the classmates, as we can call the competitors like that. And power ratings were inferior to most of them. But that was in the past

rear view of Acura MDX

Image of the rear view of Acura MDX

During the presentation of the concept of the new MDX Acura at the motor show in New York City guide Acura car was acknowledged and the shortcomings of previous generations were overcame and were to bring a new level of value to the MDX vies. The “competitive” engineers put enormous effort and a pushed the car far ahead, we note a few points with which the car surpassed its opponents. This indirectly proves the numerous test car in Germany, the home of the main competitors. The new MDX is also being tested in the heat and the sandy roads in America. The area known as the “Valley of Death.”

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