How Acura Spreads Its Future Dealers

March 31, 2013 at 09:03

Today we are going to talk about how Acura spreads its points of distribution of cars. In addition, the automaker is currently in talks with different retailers all over the Eastern Europe, and particularly in St. Petersburg, not to mention that the capital of the biggest country of the world will already have Acura dealers quite soon. However, with platforms for sale of Acura in St. Petersburg company has not yet decided. It is expected that the issue would be resolved by the summer of this year, because in fact they want an independent dealers and a joint work.

Acura DN X concept car

Image of the Acura DN X concept car

In total for 2014, which is scheduled for official launch of the brand Acura in Russia, there will be decorated relationships with three official dealer centers, two of which will be located in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. Information over the establishment of a regional network is not provided. However, traditionally, it will depend on the demand for cars. In an extreme case, Honda may launch a premium models through its own dealers in the region.

Acura car at presentation

Picture of the Acura car at presentation

Earlier it was reported that, initially, there will be sold in Russia three models of Acura: two crossovers MDX and RDX of the new generation, as well as the sedan TL. However, according to the newspaper, the company is ready to provide their customers with also a fourth model. What is this machine, is not yet determined. This issue will be resolved soon.

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