Why Acura TSX Is Still Popular

February 9, 2013 at 09:11

As we recall the time when the fans and drivers were eager to welcome the new Acura TSX, back in 2009. Why this even brough so much attention? Simply because it was announced to be the premium car of the premium quality and features. A simple touch of luxury wanted by everyone. Does that suite to the modern requirements of the drivers? Perhaps, yes and more so, people are simply in great predisposition to buy this model even now, not crying for the update of it. Even though the update of the Acura TSX model would be great too.

white Acura TSX car

Photo of the white Acura TSX car

At least, the claim for “luxury” is certainly present in the Acura TSX of any year. We have to admit that the rapid and accurate response of that vehicle, the robust contact with the road and well centered weight center make magic – the steering becomes a secondary feature of these vehicles, because you can simply enjoy that unique experience. New Acura TSX is more friendly to urban conditions and, of course, is much more comfortable than its predecessor.

interior of the TSX Acura model

Image of the interior of the TSX Acura model

No doubt – the perfect emotional exterior of the 2009 Acura TSX, coupled with Honda’s traditional dynamics of this model will take a special place in its segment, combining the quality and comfort of premium car with an innovative and sporting spirit of the brand Honda. Elongated front and flowing body lines formed fit and athletic form.

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