Acura ZDX – a Fast Response from Japan

March 25, 2013 at 07:55

The market success of BMW X6 clearly was not leaving in a good mood the Japanese Honda. Thus they took all their resources and skills in order to make something worthy from their side and take over the part of the market that the BMW wanted to get. And in fact they did a great job on that one, by putting into production such a great car as Acura ZDX.

black Acura ZDX model

Photo of the black Acura ZDX model

Acura MDX and Its Competitors – Suzuki and Mazda

February 7, 2013 at 12:51

Many drivers of the Acura cars from the company have found that the latest model of the Acura MDX car is somewhat similar to the two other car companies that are offered on the market, they are Suzuki and Mazda. That is why today we want to compare a littler those three cars of the three companies, the marks of which will be named. Interestingly enough is that, even though the American market is full of different cars, mainly those two car companies were named to be producing the direct competitors of the Acura MDX car, and before we go into more details on the topic, it is worth to say that the outer look of the Acura car was voted as the most appealing.

Acura MDX car at the presentation

Image of the Acura MDX car at the presentation

Eastern Europe Meets Acura with Three Dealers

February 1, 2013 at 09:03

Many fans of the Acura company are already greatly aware of the fact, that the company expanded its operations to the Eastern Europe. Premium brand Acura has officially launched a project, under which the countries of Europe will be pleased with the durect dealership of Acura since the next year. It is reported that the company Honda, owner of the brand, has already decided on those who will be selling cars in the countries. It is reported that the first people who want to buy “Acura” will have three vendors to make their dreams come true.

Sierra dealer of Acura

Photo of the Sierra dealer of Acura

Acura MDX – the Japanese Which is Better than the German

January 17, 2013 at 16:12

Luxury is the word that is most often found in the different references to the brand Acura. First, we and many other fans and critics see only one new car, but still this is the view which is the first, after that people turn their attention on the relief surface and optics, and in their head already appears a spinning idea that this is a good product, made with love, for people whose income and needs well above average, this is the Acura MDX car.

Acura MDX car from the back

Image of the Acura MDX car from the back

Chris Martin Talks About the Price of Acura NSX

January 13, 2013 at 06:10

Official representative of the Japanese company Honda Chris Martin revealed new details about the ideological “mate” of the supercar Acura NSX, which will be more expensive than the Nissan GT-R in 2013, according to the official distribution centers. And that is the topic of our today’s article.

Acura NSX concept car 2013

Image of the Acura NSX concept car 2013

Acura MDX – When Luxury Overcomes Competition

December 3, 2012 at 02:20

Luxury division of Honda Motors Co. began to please us again with the appearance of interesting new products, but the situation has not been so for the past years. The peak of the company’s lineup is still the Acura MDX, which is very impressive and, more importantly, effectively updated. The car, apart from being developed two years ago still manages to score high with the current competitors.

black Acura MDX

Image of the black Acura MDX

In a Year Acura Will be Sold in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

August 1, 2012 at 17:04

The recent news about the success of the Honda International auto concern was followed by the great news from the luxury brand of this company – Acura. The demand for luxury cars has greatly increased around the world since the last decade, therefore, a decision to expand, which was taken by the leaders of Acura, was the most rational in the current situation of the car market. Thus, the expansion to the Arab countries, such as United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is in its full development at the moment.

Photo of Acura Atelier

Photo of Acura Atelier