Concept Acura Caused the War in the “Twitter”

February 21, 2013 at 09:52

Members of one of the most popular social networks suspected that the concept presented in Detroit Acura NSX has some features of the car Audi that was released some decades ago. German brand itself has become involved. Everyone from the fans of Acura and the developers to the fans of the competitors had their eyes glued to the twitter to follow what was happening there.

super concept car Acura NSX inner side

Image of the super concept car Acura NSX inner side

Sight of Evolution – Concept Acura NSX

February 3, 2013 at 09:37

Now it is the year, in which the company Acura has promised to set the new ring of evolution in the car market with the use of the Acura NSX concept car. North American International Auto Show 2013 (NAIAS) audience were the first out of the whole world to look at the updated interior of the concept of new-generation NSX, which Honda will exhibit under the Acura brand name.

Photo of the concept car Acura NSX

Photo of the concept car Acura NSX

Acura MDX – the Japanese Which is Better than the German

January 17, 2013 at 16:12

Luxury is the word that is most often found in the different references to the brand Acura. First, we and many other fans and critics see only one new car, but still this is the view which is the first, after that people turn their attention on the relief surface and optics, and in their head already appears a spinning idea that this is a good product, made with love, for people whose income and needs well above average, this is the Acura MDX car.

Acura MDX car from the back

Image of the Acura MDX car from the back

SEMA Auto Show – the Best Advertisement for Acura ILX Street Build

January 3, 2013 at 05:02

At the SEMA Show 2012 Acura introduced two conceptual modification ILX with the compact luxury sedan body type of the 2013 model year. It should be noted that the North American subsidiary of a Japanese Honda returned to action two new projects, that were to serve as the New Year gifts to the fans of the brand and generate additional profit for the company.

Acura NSX at SEMA 2012

Photo of Acura NSX at SEMA 2012

The Advanced Sports Car Acura Concept in Tokyo

December 7, 2012 at 03:48

The word “sport” was the main point of support and the foundation to create the conceptual design of the new Acura car for the workers of the research and development center. Extended wheel arches, elongated front, “cut-off” tail section, strong shoulders and powerful V10 under the hood, and a stylish four-staged Anlagen with exhaust diffuser, creating a conceptual image of the American muscle car. The Advanced Sports Car Acura Concept is the car on which people would go on hours to say how great it is, thus we are presenting it to our readers.

Advanced Sports Car Acura Concept

Piture of the Advanced Sports Car Acura Concept at presentation

Acura Officially Appears on West with NSX Model

November 27, 2012 at 02:47

As we have mentioned some time before on our news websites, the West part of the world is going to officially meet the Acura cars only in the future 2014 year. By now the countries of the middle and western Europe are enjoying the Acura cars, which are only brought from the United States, as it is the main place of distribution of the cars. That is why a wise choice of the company was to start the official chain of distribution in the other parts of the world.

Image of the red Acura NSX

Image of the red Acura NSX

Acura NHR-1 Concept – a Platform for Nanotechnologies

November 25, 2012 at 01:15

No wonder that the concepts of the Acura car concern are going so popular among the fans. They are stunning not only in terms of their design shapes and futuristic look, but also they are the starting point of the great technical revolution, which can happen in the car business. It appeared that the nanotechnologies are now in the tests stage at the Acura company and they are now tested on the base of the Acura NHR-1 Concept. Therefore, this concept became the platform for the great jump of car development.

Image of the Acura Concept presentation

Image of the Acura Concept presentation