Acura updated MDX crossover

February 5, 2015 at 15:15

The new Acura MDX crossover of the 2016 model year is introduced. SUV received nine-automatic transmission, replacing the dedicated six-step transmission. Crossover has got some changes in the interior, including a new frameless mirror. The driver’s seat is now automatically moves back by 35 mm after opening the door in order to facilitate embarking or disembarking.
Updated Acura MDX is equipped with the same 3.5-liter V6, developing 290 horsepower. The new “automatic” weigh up to 30 kilograms lighter than the previous boxes and gear change occurs at 25 percent faster.
The former mode lever transmission was replaced with an electronic selector push-button control. In addition, the transmission can be switched using the paddle. Utility also got upgraded all-wheel drive SH-AWD with optimized settings thrust vector control.

2016 Acura MDX pics

2016 Acura MDX image

Acura MDX was named the most popular 7-passenger premium crossover

January 9, 2015 at 19:01

Record sales for the last six months of 2014 strengthened the position of the car MDX third generation as the most popular premium 7-passenger crossover in America, and not only this year, but of all time.
In June MDX sales rose for 68.4% (compared with the same period of the previous year) and amounted to 30,664 vehicles, while total sales MDX for his nearly 15-year history made 692,710 vehicles, making it the most popular 7- passenger crossover of all time in the United States.
“Premium cars buyers expressed their views. We want to thank Acura buyers because they helped get the title of a top MDX car among the 7-seater premium crossovers. MDX is a leader in its class, always offering the best combination of features and functions that are looking for buyers of premium cars “, – says Mike Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager of Acura.

2015 Acura MDX pics

2015 Acura MDX image

Kelley Blue Book named the best premium crossover

January 1, 2015 at 23:24

Acura MDX has been awarded the prestigious Kelley Blue Book in the category of Best Buy Award. Premium crossover has earned high praise on a test basis by the company car and a comprehensive assessment of a wide range of parameters, such as price, consumer reviews, and sales figures.

Acura MDX of third generation has an exceptional level of comfort, luxury, technology and performance. Recall that in the Russian market crossover Acura MDX is available in two trim levels – Techno and Advance.
In a modification of Techno the premium SUV is equipped with LED-headlamps with auto-leveling, LED daytime running lights and fog lamps, keyless entry system, electronic parking brake, front and rear parking sensors, rear-view mirrors with electric heating and memory function, power moon roof and tailgate and a 19-inch cast aluminum wheels.

2015 Acura MDX  pics

2015 Acura MDX picture

How Acura Spreads Its Future Dealers

March 31, 2013 at 09:03

Today we are going to talk about how Acura spreads its points of distribution of cars. In addition, the automaker is currently in talks with different retailers all over the Eastern Europe, and particularly in St. Petersburg, not to mention that the capital of the biggest country of the world will already have Acura dealers quite soon. However, with platforms for sale of Acura in St. Petersburg company has not yet decided. It is expected that the issue would be resolved by the summer of this year, because in fact they want an independent dealers and a joint work.

Acura DN X concept car

Image of the Acura DN X concept car

This Summer We Will See Acura MDX 3rd Generation

March 9, 2013 at 09:44

The cars already developed at the car companies never stop at one model, except if we are talking about concepts and limited editions. Most often the cars that appear to be most demanded continue their root in the terms of the future generations, which are the improved versions of the cars of the previous type. The same is at the Acura company. Third generation of MDX will go on sale this summer. Hopefully, in 2014, the new crossover will be available almost everywhere and many markets will be open for it.

Acura MDX 3rd Generation

Image of the Acura MDX 3rd Generation

Acura MDX of the New Generation Is Incredible!

March 7, 2013 at 09:55

According to the manual of the Acura Company, the new MDX is now almost on par with BMW and Porsche cars, but if we look at the drive dynamics and energy the car gives to the driver, MDX substantially bypasses their performance. The main reason for the frenzied leap in performance is the latest of its kind unique suspension and electro-wheel drive system, which is equipped with a powerful engine. This system has worked well in the Acura RL sedan and SUV Acura RDX. As for the engine of the MDX model of Acura, this classic and fully-aluminum 3.7-liter V-shaped “six”-cylinder engine with 300 horsepower power is simply incredible.

Acura MDX old version car

Image of the Acura MDX old version car

Critics Report Problems With Calipers in Acura Cars

March 5, 2013 at 09:54

No driver ever wants to have problems with their cars; however, it is simply impossible not to come across some difficulties with the car. Well, there are two situations, when the owner has no problems with the car, first, is when he buys Acura only for the collection reasons and thus the car stays somewhere untouchable, and the second situation, is when the owner is so rich, that whenever the car seems to go not that smoothly as if the new one, the owners buys a new model. But we are supposed to be realistic and thus we will talk about the possible problems with Acura cars.

black Acura new car

Picture of the black Acura new car