Acura ILX Street Performance

April 23, 2015 at 13:21

In finalization of the vehicle were involved experts tuning studio MAD Industries, which expertly added the sporty exterior and perky power package. Migrated to the way sports suspension, larger wheels and new interior accessories complement flamboyant style Acura ILX.

Acura ILX Street Performance  picture

Acura ILX Street Performance pics

The new updated sedan Acura ILX

February 3, 2015 at 18:55

Company of Japan under the name Acura has presented restyling modification of the sedan ILX. Premiere of new items come from Japan took place at the next International Motor Show in Los Angeles. In the mass market car will be sent as early as the fifteenth year.
The new car got another bumper, a modified radiator grid, LED headlamps mark Jewel Eye, the latest tail lights and alloy wheels dimension of seventeen inches. In addition to all, will also be available and a special modification of a sedan called SPEC. In this version the new Japanese car is equipped with headlights, fog lights, and sports special skirts on the sides, a new spoiler and alloy wheels to eighteen inches.

Acura ILX pics

Acura ILX picture

TLX sedan will not be selling in the US

January 5, 2015 at 18:34

Acura suspended sales of sedan TLX in the US due to a possible malfunction of the parking mode of automatic transmission
The reason for pause sales became the alleged defect of new nine-diapason “automatics”, which has the new sedan with a V6 engine. Engineers began to equip it a few months ago.
The Honda premium brand Manual called Acura brand sent out to dealers in the US order the suspension of sales of the new sedan TLX, says the publication Consumer Reports.
The reason for this was the alleged defect of new nine-diapason automatic gearbox, which has the sedan with a V6 engine. Automatic transmission is notable for the fact that the regimes it is selected by pressing and not the movement of the selector.

TLX sedan pics

TLX sedan picture

Eastern Model Line of Acura Will Grow

March 13, 2013 at 09:48

As we know that the Acura company is clearly an American division of the Honda Motors, their representatives in another countries may not have the whole model line that is offered at the dealers in America. We in fact already got some letters with the complains of the customers of Acura about the fact, that they have to find the way and a person, who would by the car for them in America and then successfully ship it back to Europe. Thus we took the initiative to look for what can be offered in Europe and ask the dealers maybe the line will be broadened.

black Acura sedan

Image of the black Acura sedan

Acura Chose Exhibition in Chicago for the Premiere of Two New Models

December 25, 2012 at 05:41

As the end of the world has went by without any unexpected things, the car concerns are getting beck to the great work they have been doing before and nothing can stop them now. Therefore, the Acura car manufacturer has decided to make at least two new models in the upcoming 2013 year, of course this number does not include the concepts, which the company is most probably going to develop as well. Honda Acura will introduce a new model of Sid and crossover at the motor show on February 8 in Chicago 2013.

Acura at Chicago Motor Show

Image of the Acura at Chicago Motor Show

2014 Acura RSX Sedan Will Be Based on the Honda Civic

December 15, 2012 at 06:10

The development of new cars at the Acura company and their mother company Honda is going all the way. Both leading car concerns want to beat up the competition in the market in the upcoming year, which is believed to be much more profitable than the previous ones, as the economists say that the economy is on its recovery stage, thus people will be more willing to spend their money on car, especially Acura cars.

2014 RSX Acura concept

Image of the sketch of 2014 RSX Acura concept

The Appearance of New Sedan Acura 2012 Became Known

October 23, 2012 at 02:48

The most popular model among the proposed of the Acura brand is without any doubts a sedan. The cars with such a functional background is very needed at any market, therefore it was a right decision for the company to update particularly the sedan model to the 2012 version. The U.S. Patent Office has once again become the gate through which the appearance of a new serial car hit the media. Today we can see the design of the series of sedan Acura RLX, which is about to get up on the conveyor.

Image of the Acura RLX 2012

Image of the Acura RLX 2012